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Smart Kid Security

Smart Kid Security is an educational program for Internet safety designed for kids aged 4 and up.

In our workshops, we teach kids how to use the Internet responsibly and the value of their own data. Through playful exercises and experiments, we provide kids with the right tools to understand technology and defend themselves online.

Moreover, we offer further education for teachers and workshops for parents.


Successful collaboration

“The workshops on digital wellbeing were carried out with a lot of heart and soul. They were practical and comprehensible for young and old participants. Our preschoolers still proudly present their sashes!”

Johanna Kosin, Manager - Stepke KiTa Am Mauerpark


Did you know?

of kids under age two, in ten high-income countries, have a digital footprint
of parents are concerned about maintaining their kid’s safety online
of parents don’t know how to protect their kids lacking technical skills and time

The Problem

Kids cannot reach their full potential in the digital world 

Most parents are convinced that the Internet poses a danger to their kids. However, a large proportion of them don’t think they can protect their kids from these dangers due to lack of time and technical skills.

Traditional KiTas and schools cannot keep up with the evolution of the Internet. Therefore the handling of the digital world and technology is hardly taught. 

Valuable educational content is hard to identify for both parents and kids because it is spread in fragments across numerous outdated education platforms providing a bad user experience.

General lack of engaging learning experiences for kids

Our Mission

Safety through education

We strongly believe that every kid has the potential to become an Internet security expert. As kids come in touch with the Internet earlier and earlier, we focus on early education. Our educational programme provides children, parents, KiTas and schools with the necessary knowledge to actively, consciously and safely use new technologies in everyday life. We empower kids to navigate independently in the digital world to become full-fledged and smart digital citizens.

We believe in sustainable security through education and would like to establish new educational concepts as a competent partner for parents and educators.

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“Making the digital world a safer place for kids.”

Anamarjia Thomae, Founder of Smart Kid Security

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